Conhecimento dos acadêmicos de Odontologia em relação à Hipomineralização Molar Incisivo.

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SOUZA, Vanessa Santiago
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Centro Universitário UniFTC
Molar Incisor Hypomineralization (MIH) is a dental enamel development defect that has been a cause for concern among professionals due to its high prevalence. Therefore, the knowledge surrounding this condition must be stimulated since graduation so future professionals may be apt to establish adequate diagnose and treatment. This work had the purpose of evaluating the knowledge of dentistry student from several regions of Brazil regarding Molar Incisor Hypomineralization. A total of 237 dentistry students from different regions of Brazil answered a virtual survey via Google Forms, containing 39 questions which contemplated the student’s data, as well as MIH’s definition, etiology, clinical characteristics and treatment. The right answers were graded from 0 to 10. The data were analyzed using ANOVA, t-test and Spearman’s correlation (p<0,05). The results showed no significant statistical differences between the right answers’ mean of different regions of Brazil (p=0,171). The score was higher for students who reported knowing the condition (5,9) (p=0,000) and who had taken a Pediatric Dentistry discipline (5,87) (p=0,004) than for those who did not know (4,7) and had not taken the discipline (5,3). There is an association between theoretical questions about HMI and the degree of students' confidence in diagnosing and treating the condition (p<0,05). Thus, there is necessity for teaching about in-depth HMI and updating based on scientific evidence since graduation to train professionals more prepared to prepared the diagnose and, subsequently, offer an adequate treatment to the patient. Keywords: Hypomineralization. Tooth enamel. Knowledge.
Professor Orientador: Prof.(a) Carolina Montagn Carvalho Sant´Iago Lattes:
SOUZA, Vanessa Santiago. Conhecimento dos acadêmicos de odontologia em relação à hipomineralização molar incisivo. Salvador, Bahia, 2021. 23 p. Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso (Graduação) em Odontologia, Centro Universitário – UniFTC, 2021.